*hears child crying* *takes birth control*

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Death Valley days, Jordan Sullivan

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Better With Flowers

Brazilian illustrator and designer Antonio Rodrigues Jr has spelled out several offensive words with a custom typeface made of artificial flowers. Check out the the process on his Behance page

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The house is quiet. They have gone to bed, leaving me alone, and the electric timer has just switched off the living-room lights. It feels like the house has finally turned on its side to fall asleep. Years ago I would have gone through my mother’s purse for one of her cigarettes and smoked in the dark. It was a magical time that the house was mine.

Tonight, however, I am restless. I sit at the dining-room table; rummage through the refrigerator. What am I looking for?

All day long I’ve been scavenging, poking around in rooms and closets, peering at their things, studying them. I arrange my rolls of exposed film into long rows and count and recount them as if they were lost. There are twenty-eight.

What drives me to continue this work is difficult to name. It has more to do with love than with sociology, with being a subject in the drama rather than a witness. And in the odd and jumbled process of working everything shifts; the boundaries blur, my distance slips, the arrogance and illusion of immunity falters. I wake up in the middle of the night, stunned and anguished. These are my parents. From that simple fact, everything follows. I realize that beyond the rolls of film and the few good pictures, the demands of my project and my confusion about its meaning, is the wish to take photography literally. To stop time. I want my parents to live forever.

Larry Sultan: An excerpt from Chapter One of Pictures From Home, 1992

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The Nu Project

Your body is normal. Repeat after me: “My body is normal. My body is wonderful. My body is beautiful.”

Most importantly though, “My body is mine.”

Each as beautiful as the next.

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Jayson Carter

Selected works, 2014

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Orgasms by Diego Beyro 

Portraits of people having orgasms, painted on sheets.

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"Un/titled" by Marylene Rutten


"Un/titled" by Marylene Rutten

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